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B2B Demand Generation Coupled With Predictive Modelling Yields Rich Dividends

  • By admin
  • April 3, 2017

Usefulness of Demand Generation:

The world of marketing has undergone a dynamic change, and the event marketer and demand generation specialists need to accept and embrace the change. More so, they should be aware of essential tools that allow them to customize events, connect with prospects and achieve additional marketing objectives.

Demand generation encompasses everything that is good about your company, such as your content strategy, your services, customer satisfaction, etc. It bridges the gap between the sales and revenues of a firm and includes inbound as well as outbound marketing. It is not the same as lead generation. Demand generation is aimed to enhance sales opportunities, customer retention, establishing long-term customer bonds and securing for your company a prominent market position.

A recent study was completed by Market Quotient on the processes employed by various firms.

Some of the key finding from the research:

  • Only 30% of the people who have applied lead generation tactics claim that the strategies meet their objectives well.
    90% people with effective data claim that they can use this information to prospect customers well, as well as to further their marketing campaigns.
    80% people with an ineffective lead generation mechanism complain about data inaccuracy.
  • The top driving factor for investment in various marketing campaigns is the Return on Investment (ROI).
  • 50% of the firm that have an effective lead generation campaign have been found to use predictive analytics in their processes.
    Firms that have implemented effective predictive analytics processes have effective demand generation processes
    Individuals with inaccurate data have a hard time working with predictive analytics.

Since b2b demand generation has a crucial role to play in making your company emerge as the major player and thought leader in the market, it can have a huge impact on revenue and profits.

Market Quotient provides you with several tips for a successful demand generation campaign.

  • Start with Quality Data –

    Nothing can compensate quality leads. You have to make sure that the information you possess and are currently working with is top notch, procured from a good vendor, rich in details, and cater to your specific needs.

  • Work with the data –

    Once you have the requisite data, then you should work with the data. You should arrange the data or contact information in increasing order of preference. You should give maximum priority to that data which secures for you the maximum returns and then work with the rest later.

  • Predictive analytics –
  • Integrating predictive analytics with b2b demand generation techniques is an ideal combination. If predictive models can be implemented, it can have a huge impact on process improvement and process effectiveness.

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