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  • March 11, 2015

It is safe to invest through mutual funds in stock markets, because of the diversification. But your risk is high once you are directly investing in stocks. In that case you have to keep your portfolio tracking the high growth potential stocks. This will definitely give you a better return than the mutual fund returns. As equity investing is a deep research on market equities and revision of stocks, it is necessary to understand the market well and devote good amount of time on a proper schedule and monitor the market well.

“Don’t try to interpret where markets will go from now..”

“Don’t lose your patience over the market sentiments that’s changing”

“Buy stocks as if you are buying businesses”…. Period

If this “money gyaans” are not enough for you to take suggestion on investments, then, you go on surfing the Company news channels like CNBC, NDTV Profit, to look for concerning the company’s operations. Or you subscribe to the email alerts, concerning individual corporations to reap necessary data concerning the corporate over time. You look for the Industrial magazines which encompasses the market trade. You make every possible effort to find out about the competitors, and try to build a faith in the “gyaans” you listen from the gatherings you be a part of.

But just think when someone likes to buy your time and keep you updated with timely performance and excellent quality; it becomes easier for you to invest without any trouble. Market Quotient, can be the parent who will serve individuals, brokers, clients and customers to invest safely. It is one of the leading technical bodies in equity research methodologies. The main work of equity researchers is to closely follow business sectors and corporate bodies and collect the necessary information. It has the capability and standards of working with buy-side and sell-side companies, the team that makes up equity research division is a well versed and skilled group of professionals who have quality expertise in subjects like equity research, hedge fund and investment banking. There is a group of portfolio managers and experienced analysts who help the clients with their flow of cost. So, be assured of excellent returns after having a proper professional guidance from us.

It’s your money, your choice to “Build and Bend” because Market Quotient can give a marked difference for your investment.

So if you have any query regarding the equity share or investment in business industry or markets we will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to drop in at