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Case Studies on Integrated Marketing

Explore our integrated marketing case studies for proven strategies, tangible results, and a glimpse into the power of holistic marketing solutions
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Case Study: Soluna Computing, Inc.

Influencer Marketing Success in the Renewable Energy Sector

  • Project Brief:

    Soluna Computing, Inc. (SCI), a subsidiary of Soluna Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLNH), is focused on solving the problem of monetizing curtailed power in the renewable energy space. They approached Market Quotient to enhance brand awareness within the energy industry, targeting renewable energy power plant owners, developers, original equipment manufacturers, state and federal regulators, project finance providers, and investors in the green energy sector.

  • Approach:

    SCI aimed to achieve brand authority by developing awareness through various media channels, including writing, videos, podcasts, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Market Quotient conducted a search-demand analysis, focusing on the leading public companies in the renewable energy industry. The analysis involved assessing the sources of search demand and inbound links to identify potential influencers and participants within SCI's target audiences.

  • Solution Delivered:

    Market Quotient provided an audience segmentation analysis, identifying two primary target audiences: decision-makers seeking solutions for energy curtailment problems and investors in the green energy segment. A demand analysis focused on traffic sources of leading public companies in the renewable energy industry, helping identify influencers and media channels. The deliverables included influencer details (name, contact information, authority ranking), identification of freelance writers, and a prioritized list of influencers to enhance SCI's brand awareness. The project laid the foundation for a potential long-term working relationship between SCI and Market Quotient.

Case Study: Bank of New Zealand

Business Intelligence Solution for Strategic Growth

  • Project Brief:

    Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is one of New Zealand's big four banks and has been operating in the country since 1981. BNZ required targeted information for strategic business planning and client targeting within the banking and financial services sector.

  • Approach:

    • Target Identification: Market Quotient employed specific criteria, including revenues, employee size, and location coverage, to compile a comprehensive list of potential target companies.
    • Client Collaboration: BNZ had the opportunity to choose specific companies from the long list based on their preferences.

  • Solution Delivered:

    For the selected companies, Market Quotient provided detailed business intelligence reports encompassing:

    • Company Overview: Background and historical context.
    • Entity Structure: In-depth analysis of the organizational structure.
    • Management Team: Profiles of key executives and decision-makers.
    • Products/Services: Comprehensive information about offerings.
    • Customers: Identification of target customers and market segments.
    • Competitor Analysis: In-depth examination of competitors within the industry.
    • Social Media Penetration: Assessment of the company's online presence.
    • SWOT Analysis: Evaluation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

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