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Latest Trends in Analytics Industry

  • By admin
  • September 19, 2012

Latest Trends in Analytics Industry

We have seen a massive change in the analytical strategies and technologies in the past few years, which have certainly resulted in booming of businesses. Marked changes have also been witnessed in respect to adoption of faster, bigger, cheaper and in-depth analytical measures. This has simultaneously paved the way for better understanding of the consumer market and enhanced ability to grab the right opportunity at the right time. This pinpoints towards some of the trends that emerged as great determinants in giving a trendy makeover of the traditional look of the analytical industry.  Let us have a look at them:

Expert analytics believe that more data is always better as far as assuming of potential opportunities, predicting the unpredicted nature of consumers and organizing the unorganized data sets are concerned. Thus, there is a great rush among business entities today to discard their conventional analytical processes and go for big data analysis which is an in-depth analytical research that incorporates larger data sets.

Gone are those days when the business entities assigned the task of data analysis to service providers who would take unimaginably longer time to generate well researched analytic data. Now, the world of analytics is moving at a rapid pace. The software and analytic tools used by service providers today come with expanded memory capacity in order to store more data than ever. Simultaneously, these tools are programmed in such a way that they can assimilate, analyze and generate analytical reports in practically one fourth the time that was required earlier.

Next, trending concept in the world of analytics is the birth of advanced and highly improved technology that is being offered at a much pocket friendly rate. These technologically upgraded tools, which now form the spinal cord of analytics, have qualitative offerings in the form of enhanced computing attributes and sizeable memory. While on one hand, this is sure to give a great fight to the commercial products and create significant stress in competitive pricing strategy; on the other hand price reducing in memory and storage equipments has become prevalent. So, business entities can now be at a much better position to opt better and economical operational application for instant and reliable outcome.

The popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter now seems to be reigning in analytic industry too as a trendy concept. Perhaps, their reliability and plethora of knowledgeable traffic are the key factors that are influencing companies to analyze data generated by the same before creating a final analytic report.

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