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Top 3 Marketing Automation Trends in 2022: Expert Advice on How to Strategize

  • By admin
  • December 31, 2021

Marketing evolves at a quick pace. Regardless of the changes, one thing stays constant: marketing is difficult. The concepts stay constant, but the execution changes often. Because of the emergence of new platforms, algorithms, regulation changes, and ever-changing consumer behavior.

This is where intelligent automation comes in. Marketing automation has become the go-to option for most firms in order to adapt to and capitalize on these developments. It has boosted processes, given marketers superpowers, and supplied real-time data.

How Does Intelligent Automation Works in Marketing?

Marketing intelligent automation is a marketing strategy that allows businesses to send automated marketing communications to a certain set of individuals at a predetermined time. It’s not just about emails. It’s utilized on social networking, in text messages, and in other digital platforms.

The objective is to automate, simplify, and replicate the complicated procedures involved in B2C and B2B marketing with less human participation.

For many firms, marketing intelligent automation is no longer merely a must, but rather the key to success. As a result, here are the trends that will assist you in taking your marketing to the next level in 2022.

Automated Inter-Departmental Collaboration:

Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing, a 2016 essay, demonstrated the mismatch between sales and marketing teams at the time. Both teams have a tendency to disregard each other’s contributions to the company’s progress.

Fast forward to 2020, and the authors claim that there is currently a small gap between the departments. There has been a significant reorganization of the team’s functions. Individual and business customer lifecycle marketing can now be done by sales and marketing professionals in the USA. We’ll see stronger inter-departmental coordination in the future, from sales to marketing and everything in between.

Inter-departmental intelligent automation can help a company’s efforts to improve the customer experience at every level of the sales funnel by standardizing operations.

Chatbots & Conversational Marketing:

Stop communicating with clients in a one-way manner, which is something that every company should do. Make eye contact with the customers and strike up a discussion with them which is very convincing.

That’s why we included conversational marketing in our list. Conversations with consumers are used by businesses to demonstrate that they care about their customers’ requirements. According to Forbes, this is the future of direct marketing.

Personalized discussions are now possible because of technological advancements. Use chatbots to switch to a more human-centric strategy. They can even operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maintain consumer involvement when you’re sleeping.

But why utilize chatbots when a human touch is required?

Using chatbots with intelligent automation in the USA does not imply that human staff will be fully replaced. They’re designed to kick up a conversation, answer frequent queries, and quickly handle small concerns.

Personalize your chatbot by giving it a name, a picture, and a personality. Inform your users that they are still conversing with bots. Allow them to speak in a natural humane manner.

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