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Top Challenges of B2B Digital Marketing

  • By admin
  • August 8, 2018

Today, B2B marketers are using new digital marketing tools for various purposes including lead generation, customer acquisition and thought leadership. for B2B marketers as part of their marketing tools makeup, content marketing gets top priority. social media, email marketing, and mobile marketing are other important components. Everyone, who is operating in the B2B marketing space knows that this comes with a particular set of challenges.

B2B companies often have to deal with longer sales cycles, smaller audience markets, and higher ticket prices, unlike marketing to consumer or B2C marketing. As opposed to selling a product directly, they must first generate leads to follow up. Let’s take a look at the top challenges B2B digital marketing are facing nowadays.

Technology incorporation:

Marketers witness the potential and exciting things technology can do but can’t seem to integrate it into their company. SEO, SEM, website, social media, marketing automation and online media need to connect. Many B2B companies CRM, content management system, analytics platforms are not linked, while B2C companies make it look easy with each and every online activity.

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Globalization of content marketing:

B2B marketers understand the concept in theory, but they serve diverse markets around the world while holding true to your brand, can be a huge undertaking. Understanding and catering to the needs of markets, products, and services require local level marketing to globally. Remember that global marketing is not like translating copy into appropriate languages. Globalization of content is a big challenge for B2B digital marketers currently. Before start working, sit down with your team and chalk out the plan for the coming months. Always consider text images, videos and social media in the planning process. On successful planning and strict deadline, content creation works much easier; therefore, content production will increase.

Leadership expectations:

Meeting the needs of sales are some current marketing activities, B2B companies believe on. Marketers wonder, where is the best place to invest their marketing dollars? To understand how sales and marketing tools communicate together, an audit can be conducted. This audit is the first step. You actually want to get results as quickly as possible, however, having unrealistic expectations in regard to the already long timeframes that are a part of digital marketing, will lead to frustration.

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