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INTRODUCTION: According to Business research outsourcing company Market Quotient, a theory often popularized in recent times following the success of Uber, Theranos, etc is that innovations have to be disruptive in nature. Disruptive innovation makes us think of the advent of the transistor, light bulbs, Google and the like. Nonetheless, innovations are not always disruptive, […]

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Competitors’ Analysis for a Successful Online Marketing Plan

Conducting a successful online marketing plan is of immense importance for your business because of its sheer susceptibility to result in a marketing disaster. The basic step in order to perform an accurate competitor analysis is to benchmark the top competitors on the basis of a few wisely chosen industry parameters. One other major concern […]

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Competitive Intelligence – The building block of business growth

Competitive Intelligence essentially refers to the collection, analysis and distribution of intelligence about various components of a business or industry in order to formulate accurate business strategies and decisions. Competitive intelligence refers to the understanding of the business environment in order to sustain within an industry or market. The process of competitive intelligence is mostly […]

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