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Information Technology happens to be a hot sector in spite of the inconsistent nature of economy in the past few years. But the immense importance of IT could not match with the needs of the sector. This can be assumed by the cruel blow on sectors ranging from software to semiconductors and to computers and networking. This has brought about a series of unwanted outcome like late investments, lengthened sales cycle and demand for extended hardware lifecycle, thereby resulting in lesser financial activities of the consumer market. Consequently, the IT professionals have also been kept starved with inadequate information on markets, consumers, targets and competitions. Insufficient capital happens to be an addition on this that has hampered up-gradation and betterment of intelligence.

Market Quotient believes that a difference can be still cited in this terse scenario if innovations can be launched. Such innovations can however be implemented by compelling new product up-gradations both at the business and consumer level. Along with this, a transition to service oriented business strategy and hybrid pricing models are other key factors that together define innovation in IT sector.

We assist clients with information, consultation and analytical insights on a range of technology based sectors, irrespective of the fact whether they are global players, or mid-size high growth firms, or funded start-up entities. We also offer full-fledged support to the clients so that they are able to identify and assess opportunities and strategies to achieve topline growth in areas like products, new markets and ever-changing dynamics of competition among the peers. This provides potential benefits to our customers who develop clear insight on the market and are able to make in-depth gap analysis and carry out benchmarking studies.

The highly skilled professional team of Market Quotient possesses supreme expertise in evaluating and analyzing each supply chain separately. They handle the procurement related issues of each sector separately as well. Thus, we take pride in commenting that from strategic sourcing related research to global value chain and supplier-related risk analysis to prediction and cost modeling, we are conversant in every sphere of IT service. Our economical global delivery model that aims at delivering reasonable and actionable intelligence to project based or outsourced models pinpoint at four key areas:

  • Extensive research on competitor intelligence that integrate areas like competitor profiles, actions, market share and strategies.
  • Extensive research on customer intelligence that covers areas like customer attitudes, perceptions, gaps between demand and supply and pattern of purchase.
  • Research and report generation on market intelligence that include factors like pricing, products, qualities, alternatives and supply-chain demographics.
  • Research and report generation on target intelligence that include entities like joint venture, alliances and partnerships.

So far, the professional credentials of Market Quotient include execution of projects, consultation and analytic researches to a number of global IT companies.

  • Implementation of cost effective geographies that aim at reducing the income-expenditure ratio of the back office by 20%.
  • Prioritizing on customer satisfaction and aiming at improving it further.
  • Making a thorough analysis of the target market and its nature so that we can predict their behavior and assist our clients in customer retention by as much as 20% as compared to the competitor firms and companies.

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