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Media and Publishing is the sector that is extremely struggling in order to keep parity with the frequently changing business models and consumer behaviour. This grapple is not a recent development. It began long back, much before its new-age digital transformation, when the traditional concerns such as shifting preferences of the consumers, increase in pricing, plus similar other factors were influencing it immensely. Nonetheless, it has to be agreed upon that satellite technology and internet are the prime factors that has revolutionized media and publishing industry to a noticeable extent. The results of this revolution are visible fluctuations in the verticals of the sector.

The panel of experts at Market Quotient understands this industry in greater details and is equally aware of the biggest challenges that the sector confronts on a constant basis. We have also discovered some of the major challenges, which are as follows:

  • Unpredictable changes in the tastes and preferences of the consumers that determine their subsequent behaviour to a perceptible extent.
  • The replacement of conventional media engines with new distribution platforms, which incorporate a range of features.
  • The pricing strategies prevalent in the media and publishing industry have led to the emergence of a series of queries, such as- What price consumers are supposed to pay for advanced technological features; Will the media contents also become chargeable; To what extent will the demand for on-demand contents push the industry, etc.
  • The plethora of budding markets has their own set of risks and potentials. Since no consumer market is immune against risks and guarantees only profits which are more or less dynamic in nature, this challenge appears quite fickle.
  • There is no dearth of open sources, online video contents, advancement of technology and other such favorable factors in media and publishing sector now. But this has given rise to parallel unwanted factors like piracy and increase in the number of unauthorized distribution channels.

We, the Market Quotient team, provide logical insight and intelligence to our clients in understanding the complex nature of this dynamic market better. Since our major clients are corporate entities, private investors and consultancy firms, their complicacies are also varied. Thus, we meet all their demands by rendering services like:

  • Investigation of opportune areas of the industry.
  • Analysis of consumer requirements in specific sub-sectors.
  • Performing market intelligence research and predicting trend.
  • Creating media and publishing database and mailing list.
  • Developing eBook eCommerce Portal & Apps and XML-first Workflow.
  • Creating tailor-made analytics reports on the need and relevance.

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