Market Quotient understands the deep impact of economic downturn and adverse consumer behaviour on the retail sector. Therefore, we use our sector-based knowledge in order to help the customers sail through the myriad of critical business and economic crisis. Our analytic engines assist our clients in identifying, segmenting and engaging the interested consumers amidst any terse situation. We also help them analyze the structured nature of the retail markets of developing countries. In dire situation, Market Quotient creates business models that would encourage growth of the business entities together with exhibiting the ability to amalgamate conventional physical models. Thus, our in-depth knowledge could retain our dependability among our customers when it is needed the most by providing them with best retail services that help them to survive in the post downturn phase.

Market Quotient, the trusted name in the outsourcing service sector, thus has been outstanding in retail sector too. We offer industry based, insight driven solutions to the customers that can become their case-sensitive solutions in handling critical business complications. Our working strategy is such that we always make it a point to set up 24x7 support team for each of our retail clients, who supervise and perform up-to-dated data processes, generate regular reports on business insights and also present notable analytics projects that appear exemplary to them. We integrate the services of our in-house staffs as well as reliable external consultants to create and deliver consumer data that are real and updated.

We have carried out detailed analysis on the retail sector and client-consumer behaviour, which exhibit that creating an emotional bond with the customers work as a blessing for the retailers. This helps the retailers to sustain their identity in spite of unexpected economic crunch. We help our customers to measure customer behaviour and preferences and deliver measurable results that would give them increased revenue and customer loyalty. Our major services include:

  • Research on industry, market, sectors, companies, competitors, etc.
  • Provide pricing and price change impact strategy
  • Brand assessment and promotion Effectiveness
  • Suggest lucrative opportunities for retail market expansion
  • Create Customer Segmentation and Marketing Mix Modelling & Optimization
  • Implement Advertising effectiveness & testing strategy
  • Track social media penetration of retail brands
  • Track news, M&A and deal information
  • Create Loyalty program analytics
  • Assist with Demand & Sales Forecasting
  • Provide time-tested consultations on management of retailer’s reputation
  • Create customised retail analytics solutions

In the end, we end up assisting our clients to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase cross-selling / up-selling, target the best segments and increase customer loyalty.

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