Business Plan Development

A business plan is a comprehensive written document that brings out the essence of your business, along with the marketing and sales strategies you opt for. Also, it outlines the financial overview and the profit and loss projection. A business plan can be varied, depending on purposes, but if it is well-defined, it can give you the insight of your business to plan strategies for achieving goals. Thus, you can manage the crisis that often may raise the barriers to developing your business further. To be precise, a business plan is articulate for developing your business goals and also plots effective strategies for that.

There are other essential components of business plan development that include business environment analysis, industry analysis, SWOT analysis, competitor landscape, and marketing segmentation, along with specific goals and milestones.

A business plan is also needed for Angel investors, business loans, startup funding, venture capital, etc. and thus, it has become a great decision-making tool in business.

A Business Plan Typically Covers The Following Key Areas:

  • Business Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Economic Summary
  • Strategy Action Plan
  • Implementation Summary
  • Management Outlook
  • Financial Plan
  • Contingency Plan

Key Service Features:

  • Start-up business plans
  • Internal business plans
  • Strategic business plans
  • Feasibility business plans
  • Operations business plans
  • Growth business plans
  • Operation business plans
  • Marketing business plans
  • Financial business plans

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FAQ on Business Plan Development

According to, a business plan must include:

  • Executive summary — a snapshot of your business
  • Company description — describes what you do
  • Market analysis – research on your industry, market and competitors

Other sections depends on exact need.

Good business plans are those that are detailed and include key information on all aspects of the business, including industry, competitors, marketing, finance, operating aspects. They should be specific, able to clearly communicate with all stakeholders.

Since a business plan is a decision making guide, it should help with

  • Growth Strategy Framework
  • Financing Opportunties
  • Enlighten VCs and Angel Investors

A startup is a new company founded by one or more entrepreneurs in order to develop a unique product or service and bring it to market mostly funded by its founders or their families.