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Data Mining as a Job

  • By admin
  • October 18, 2013

Data Mining, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Research etc. are a few words that can be oft heard these days when one talks about professional preferences. Rexer Analytics has been conducting annual surveys on data miners of some top firms since 2007. Early this year, the survey had been done and had given some important insights to this occupation sector. The trends signaled a significant percentage of growth in Data Analytics.

Growth has been very high in the corporate sector, while it has been somewhat stagnant in the NGO/government sector. The survey reveals, “Over 85% of data miners working in corporate and consulting settings foresee increases in the number of projects”. In terms of employment and job-satisfaction also, the corporate sector outruns the government sector. But overall the demand for labour as well as the level of job satisfaction have been very strong for the data mining industry.

The most popular software being used by the data analysts is the R software. Around 70% of the data miners make use of the R software to generate their reports. Other widely used software tools are IBM SPSS, SAS, Statistica, Rapid Miner etc. The number of R software users is rapidly increasing. In fact, R is presently the number 1 data-mining tool. It is also the most-used primary tool. Though, as per the reports of Rexer Analytics, Statistica-users get the highest satisfaction.

The volumes of data are steadily and rapidly increasing with time, so that the concept of “Big Data” has come into place. Most (72%) of the data miners have agreed that the size of the data has increased a lot over the past 6 years. But, very few companies have suitable Big Data programs to work with.

Thus, Data Mining is indisputably a fast growing industry today. With time, the amount of data to be handled will continue to increase in leaps, so that more and more people will be absorbed into this sector. And with rising demands, inevitably the returns will also rise.

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