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Equity Research Made Easy

  • By admin
  • March 21, 2014

The first category of services in the field of investment research is equity research services. Just as the name suggests, “equity research” refers to the study of stocks and market conditions so that it helps investors to buy the right kind of equities. The decision that’s taken by a shareholder of either holding a bond or selling it is a very crucial one. It must be taken after studying in great detail about the various pros and cons of the investment. Making sound forecasts on the future bond values also plays a vital role in begetting promising results.

Before proceeding on the topic of equity research, let’s first get the meanings of the terms straight and clear. According to Investopedia, equity refers to “a stock or any other security representing an ownership interest.” On the other hand, equity research (according to Wiki) refers to “researching and analyzing equities, or stocks. These stocks trade on various stock markets such as the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, AMEX (which are the main U.S. stock markets) or foreign stock markets. Ten major industry sectors which deal with stocks are the consumer discretionary, consumer staples, energy, industrials, financials, healthcare, materials, information technology, telecommunication and utilities sectors.”

It is not very feasible for an individual person to carry out the entire procedure of equity research, which involves studying company status, clauses, products, management, market demand, economical trends etc. So, here comes the role of equity researchers. They keep in constant touch with various companies and businesses and collect all the necessary data. This data is in turn used by various corporate houses, brokers, agencies and individuals for a secured investment.

Market Quotient (MQ) is one of the leading companies in the field of equity research and analysis. Like all its services, equity research work is also conducted by specialized methodologies. MQ follows the latest strategies in both quantitative and qualitative assessments of equities. Some of the typical strategies followed by the MQ team for equity research are as follows:

• Quantitative Analytics
• Dynamic Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis
• Company Research and Modeling
• Comparable Companies Analysis
• Coverage Maintenance
• Screeners and Trackers
• Sector and Thematic Approach
• Segment Analysis
• Tracking and Analyzing News and Events

MQ works with equal dexterity for both the buy-side and the sell-side companies. The MQ team consists of experienced professionals who help clients in keeping up with the flow of cost. These professionals have an unswerving expertise on equity research and analysis, investment banking and hedge fund. Needless to mention the additional advantages of time-saving, cost-saving and top-notch quality in working with the MQ team. Clients continue getting an improved return to their investment after consultation with MQ.

If you haven’t consulted them yet, it’s high time that you consider doing so. And that for your own good!

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