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Top Fixed Income & Credit Research Services

  • By admin
  • March 24, 2014

Fixed income research is all about studying the various investment options of an earning individual. Since every individual keeps a substantial portion of his income as savings, he earns almost a fixed income from these savings on a periodic basis. Often, these savings are done in the form of various investments and policies.

Fixed income researchers offer professional help to people in investing in proper channels, according to individual requirement. They advise people about better means and strategies in matters of savings. Perfect and complete information is required to be a successful investor. Hence, while choosing one’s investment advisor, a person must have complete faith and full confidence in his/her choice. Market Quotient gives its customers this very confidence by helping them in earning the optimum returns from their savings.

On the other hand, credit research is all about a study of the financial conditions of organizations in which a client wants to invest. It is very important to become sure about the financial health of a company before investing in it. It won’t be too intelligent to fall in the trap of a financially bankrupt organization. Credit researchers collect information about the companies and study if they are capable of paying back the money they have borrowed from the clients.

Credit research helps people to be secure about their investments. The probability of risks attached with an investment, especially a fixed-income security, is minimized this way. Market Quotient (MQ) does such studies and analyzes minutely if a client must make an investment in a particular business organization.
The services that MQ provide in the field of fixed income and credit research are as follows:-

• Comparable Debt Analysis
• Credit Risk Analysis
• Sector Assessments
• Off-balance Sheet Exposure
• Pay-back Models
• Rating Analysis
• Asset Valuation
• Capital Structure Analysis
• Liquidity Analysis
• Collateral Evaluation

The MQ team comprises of professionals who have attained expertise in the field of income and credit research by serving almost all the sectors of the economy. They are known among their clients for their excellent analysis and decision making skills. The MQ team’s knack for detailing and depth make them highly efficient in every field they explore. Working with MQ is always a matter of great delight among its clients. So, before going ahead with that huge investment, you might do yourself better by consulting MQ and taking home a wonderful experience.

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