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Get your new SEO

  • By admin
  • December 14, 2015

Content marketing is the new trend of digital marketing and it is expected to play an even bigger role in 2016. Developments in creative, publishing and targeting technology have made content formation increasingly accessible for all marketers. Content has become the new SEO.
The world of marketing has changed dramatically for people who are running business professionally. Traditional paid advertising still has its place in marketing, but the demand of content marketing has increased and is expected to do the same in the year 2016. Content cuts through ad blockers, offers information and material that audiences demand and drives qualified traffic and conversions. Organizations are planning to increase their content budget in 2016 as the need to stand out of the box and being creative has become indispensable. Content marketing is different from direct sales pinch as it is educational, entertaining and enriching.

The diagram shows the statistics of content marketing in 2014.Content marketing is certainly becoming more widely accepted among businesses across industries and verticals. According to the recent studies more than 85 percent B2B marketers have adopted content marketing. Content marketing deliver much more value, back links and discussion than a simple social share. It also helps opportunistic businesses to reach their customers from a unique and more helpful angle.

Every passing year shows the trend of improvisation.  It can make a company beneficial only if the content made is genuinely useful to the customers.Valuable contents sell well as it helps the clients to find you and buy from you. Content marketing is wholly customer-centered.

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