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Is There A Brand Name Domination In Internet Retailing Sales?

  • By admin
  • October 29, 2015

Could you distinct your taste and preference? If not you, we have indicated the differentiation that you have made over the retail industry in the last few years! May it be the killing offers or the word-of-mouth; we saw an inclination over internet purchase in consumers.

Through a thorough market research we have estimated that in-store and internet purchases will show a growth of $22.49 trillion by this year.  A steady growth in global retail market would be no surprise at least till 2018. By 2018, through predictive analysis, we estimate a sales increase by 5.5% giving a amazing rule of nearly $28.400 trillion. The following figure illustrates retail ecommerce sales worldwide.


The Internet retailing sales trends is no doubt showing a growth with the2014 CAGR of 16%. The growth has continued to accelerate through 2011, but this still keeps us in dilemma about its continuous growth. Following has a diagram, which illustrates the retail ecommerce sales.


As we see the competitive landscape, we select the lead generation company; Inc has been a largest e-commerce retailer globally, with share of 18% on online retailing sales. Due to its’ variation in retail product, it has become US’s most popular website over time. The expansion over every year streamed from normal retailing to grocery delivery services, same-day delivery service, and many more. Although Amazon’s experimentation of launching the new smart phone was in vague, the company still continues to experiment and surprise customers in every bit. So who is ruling the internet retail sales?

Market Quotient have seen the internet retail sale segmenting according to customer’s preferences as well; like we find sites only for home care, or for pet care, or for beauty products, or herbal products. Again we see this entire segmented product under one roof or under one single company selling it. This not only allows consumers to stock up many items when they shop, but build a loyalty/trust among consumers. Market Quotient expects this category to remain dynamic and expects a variety of products to drive consumer demand. Market Quotient expects packaged food entering the online sphere to give a shape to the physical retailers.

What do consumers look for when they buy a product over internet?

  1. ♦ Variation in the product?
  2. ♦ A brand name?
  3. ♦ The word of mouth?
  4. ♦ Or is it just all of them together?

You get to know that when you do an appropriate market research. A research that can:

  1.  🙂 Help you to discover yourself in the market place.
  2.  🙂 Help you to brand yourself.
  3.  🙂 Help you to judge the number of players you have.
  4.  🙂 Help you to know the blurred opportunity.
  5.  🙂 Help you create database to flourish

Market Quotient keep never miss to discover the latest market trends. With in-house analysts, we forecast the market growth for retailing industry, we help you to find your competitor, and we help you to find your flaws, your strength.

We help you to save your money and time while we empower you with information, effective strategies and profitable decisions. Write to us your requirement at We have professionals under one head to give some push to your success story.

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