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Niche Marketing via LinkedIn

  • By admin
  • February 20, 2015

Marketing strategies are built and rebuilt to keep oneself outstanding as a company. Prediction of marketing trend and analyzing the trend with new approach makes the entrepreneur a superior marketer.  And so the entrepreneurs are building their empire with the everyday innovation towards their approach.

The trend has skipped from brick and mortar to modern designer’s house.  Mass personalization does not satisfy individuals, any long. Customers now chose to go online to redo their wardrobe.  The B2B or B2C trend has adopted an “all new look” approach. The world has distinct identity in the different field of social media in different way. The company’s name and company’s fame is maintained in LinkedIn account, whereas the personal going outs and family love is shown mostly in the Facebook account. LinkedIn has the company’s own page with its own logo and multiple followers, which shows the activity of the company.  This is the new trend of B2B or B2C approach. The communication over Facebook or LinkedIn gives both the sides of the market a better connectivity. Why LinkedIn a new trend?

TRUST: LinkedIn is such platform where you can look into the job, the requirement of a business, the career of the company or the CEO directly. Thus this platform makes a wide opening for the business as well as individual to prosper. B2B is building trust. LinkedIn groups and connectivity builds a virtual trust and believe for all.

PROMOTION: LinkedIn has a campaign process which not only exposes the company’s brand name but also arouse attention of the marketer. It helps the start ups to build their empire through promotion. Apart from campaigns, the different updates in the company pages bring the company name to the newsfeed of individuals.

DISCLOSURE: It is a disclosure to the world. Connectivity is disclosing one’s company to the whole world and making the world know about the company and its daily updates. LinkedIn provide that scope of disclosure. Since the generation is dependent on social media, word of mouth has been replaced with client testimonials.

BIG DATA: The trend of predictive analysis is rising; usage of big data is making the job lighter for the market research. The secondary data is recorded with LinkedIn usage as well. Thus big data is a big player in the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn is the new trend of business approach, where the businessmen get to know his client more closely and customize the information support service accordingly. Thus niche marketing is aimed in LinkedIn, being a big fish in a small pond instead of being a small fish in a big pond.

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