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  • By admin
  • February 24, 2015

Outsourcing is not always healthy for the company. But again hiring an in house is always a costly and troublesome procedure. This brings in an option to choose when to outsource and when not.

Big businesses prepare a strategy of outsourcing, since it is the strength to their growth, power to their productivity and backbone to their bottom lines. Outsourcing is accessible for small business due to the advanced technologies. Extremely qualified professionals from different place of the world assist the outsourcing service. Exclusive work quality is thus made from professionals at a much cheaper price, excluding the worker’s compensation, remuneration, or other medical insurances.

Now the question arises is “WHEN TO OUTSOURCE”

  • Suppose a big business company has a very profound in-house team and a new project has come up for the company. The company is not sure of the work load and thus they require a new professional employer to help them out. May be that’s the time when you utilize your resource for an outsourcing service and not recruit someone new.
  • Small business should outsource from the very beginning because that is cost cutting and time efficient for the business.

Another important question is “WHAT TO OUTSOURCE”

  • These days any sort of task can be outsourced. But that you can outsource doesn’t lead you to the “should list” of outsourcing the task, i.e, one should not outsource task just because one doesn’t want it to do. Like risk analytics is something that can be outsourced. The suggestions give a more proper idea about the risk in the field.
  • Strength and value of the business determines the outsource task of the business. Like a CFO’s salary can be replaced with the salary of the CFO-level person. Outsourcing a CFO- level person won’t charge a firm as much as it charges to recruit a CFO.
  • Works like data entry, data mining and data conversions i.e, the highly repetitive task can be outsourced.
  • IT professionals can be outsourced since, they can provide a better service with accuracy and more prominently, they can deliver the service at the promised time.
  • Market research is the research that is the study of different modules of the market and how one can approach to it. Competitive analysis, survey programs, these are the domains where a company can look for outsource.

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