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Now Lead Generation Will Be Easier Through B2b Market Research

  • By admin
  • July 9, 2018

Recent industry update shows massive growth in the B2B marketplace. The best way to reap profit is effectively targeting your sales approach, if you have a marketplace for prospective customers. To succeed, you need a lot of things. But wait, knowing about the industry is not enough. More than just the industry knowledge, you need to know the right companies to approach, the right people to interact with, and of course the right and the best way to be persuasive. In Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES), marketing professionals can leverage the power of cloud-based and big data tools to more effectively bring their message across. B2B market research is frequently used as a lead-generation mechanism in recent years.

Below are some reasons why Market Research is an effective tool in B2B lead generation:

  • Market research is used as collateral to generate leads if a company does a survey to support a thought leadership piece
  • If a company does a survey about its new product or service, it knows darn well it is raising awareness of that new offering through the process
  • If a company does a customer satisfaction survey and finds clients who have a problem that can be addressed through an upgrade or new service

Get the Research Done Beforehand

To distinguish yourself from an inexperienced sales person doing cold calls, knowledge is very important. In such cases, manual research work will be tedious and time consuming as well. Outsource market research companies like Market Quotient allows you to learn more about your target customer (to whom you should call).You can make a good first impression with prospective clients if you have all the desired information. Build a targeted lists of prospects so that your sales team can close more deals faster.

Tools in Market Research to Generate B2B leads

There are various methods B2B market researchers take to generate effective lead:

SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) keeps website ranking higher and thus helps your leads to discover your product or service. SEO brings more qualified leads.

Blogs: Fresh blog content provides search engines to talk about something in your industry. Blogging gives a clearer idea about your business to Google as well as customers. You can generate leads by blogging about specific questions based on your product or service.

Press Release and Landing Pages: To drive traffic, online press releases play a significant role. Your techniques should not be cooked if you wish to be cordial with major search engines including Google, Bing or Yahoo. You can also customise your landing page to get great leads.

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Social Media: You can use social media to connect with customers more deeply and find who else is already talking about your service/products etc.

News Tracking: One can leverage news to generate real time leads by understanding the current state of your targeted accounts.

Link Building: As one of the major parameters to decide the website’s credibility Google uses link building; therefore it is considered as one of the most powerful techniques for lead generation.

We, at Market Quotient use all of the above tools to generate effective B2B leads for our global clients. In fact, the case may be customised so as to derive effective conversions.

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