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Importance of a GDPR compliant survey platform

  • By admin
  • July 3, 2018

After the European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25th this year, the data processing industry has entered into a new era with this regulation. The bill which was passed way back in April 2016, aimed to protect data and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and also in the European Economic Area (EEA).This new law primarily gave citizens and residents control over their personal data. by unifying the regulation within the EU, this regulation simplifies the regulatory environment for international business.

Soon after the GDPR came into the light replacing the 22-years old EU Data Protection Directive , various discussions are going on around the world as to whether this latest regulation will prove effective or just be like any other law in the legislation. With this updated regulations, online surveys, which are at the forefront of any consumer, market, or employee research, also need to be made compliant. Therefore, it is strategically important for market researchers, who are working in the EU or collecting any data from the region to implement a data protocol. Without which, the company have risk of being fined (around 4% of total revenue or $20 Million dollars, whichever is higher).

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How can companies avoid breaching GDPR?

Companies need to demonstrate that a lawful basis applies to their use of personal data to avoid breaching. In Article 6, of the regulations, lawful bases for processing personal information are outlined. researchers need to identify which fits their business and any research projects before a project can be commenced. From those six lawful bases for processing anyone’s personal information, research organizations can use one of the following options:

  • Consent– If someone has given clear consent for you to process their personal data for a specific purpose.
  • Legitimate interests –for a third party or may be for your legitimate interests, this processing is necessary; unless there is a good reason to protect the personal data which overrides those.
  • Public task – for your official functions or to perform a task in the public interest, the processing is necessary. The task or function needs to have clear basis in law.

Following are the reasons why companies need to look for GDPR compliant survey platform:

  1. An individual’s right is sensitive data protection

Details including ethnicity, race, political and religious opinion need to be protected as they are extremely personal. In case a survey asks about details on any health conditions one is facing, this detail is extremely personal as well. By selecting the privacy and data protection tab on a GDPR compliant survey platform, information can be deleted from the survey responses.

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  1. Tab on data breach

GDPR states, within 72 hours, any personal data breach needs to be informed. A compliant survey platform will provide you information about any breach that occurs with your data. by selecting a lead supervising authority, this can be done. You have authority to select your own supervising authority, whom you can contact in case of any security breach that we inform you about.

  1. Control over your data

you make it clear to the organization that the data submitted will only be used for research purpose by selecting the data and privacy tab. This will not be used for commercial purposes and users will not be approached for any sales and marketing purpose.

  1. Customizing language as per the target audience

All the GDPR compliant survey platforms have a default language but it is definitely up to you.You can prefer any languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese. other languages can also be added, in case customers provide content and the language translations.

This is where Market Quotient comes into the picture. We help companies to expand globally and create an international client base via our varied outsourcing services ensuring all your data need is managed with full security.

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