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Open Ended Coding Outsourcing Services

  • By admin
  • April 23, 2014

The integration and segregation of open-ended responses into well-planned separate groups to make data decipherable is called open ended coding. Proper planning and integrated processes need to be implied in order to make accurate coding. Market Quotient (MQ) has long gained a good name in the field of open ended coding.

Open ended or Verbatim coding covers up for the lacunas in close ended coding. Some of these additional advantages of open ended coding are generation of enormous amount of data, providing insights into the market scenario, highly sensitive coding, impossibility of generalization and the like. Since MQ works keeping these in mind, its coding services are uniquely efficient in nature.

Various industries (like retail, healthcare, CPG, automobiles) make use of open-ended coding. Accordingly, MQ has also assigned specialized experts for each type of industry, so that each verbatim response is separately interpreted and coded as suited to individual client. The MQ panel of experts has been widely appreciated for its flexibility and sense of precision in working. The open ended codes that the company creates always comply with the standards set by the customers and the latest methodologies in order to attain the desired high-quality results. Since the coding is done in close cooperation and consultation with the clients, the output generated is always user-friendly and easily understandable.

In order to decipher the verbatim responses successfully, MQ has specialized in the following areas:

• Ability to make in-depth analysis of customer responses and attitudes and drawing logical insights from the research
• Creation of multitude of open ended coding in a number of languages though a single source
• Showing efficiency in project creation and delivery
• Skills of coding medical open ended responses generated from medical professionals and healthcare specialists which is taken care of by a dedicated team of medical code specialists

Though open ended coding is a tedious process, MQ stresses that this type of coding makes response interpretation easy by assigning numeric values to each verbatim response. A number of business entities are showing increasing interest in open ended coding because manual processing is a major feature of this. In order to produce superior quality solutions, MQ outsources its own open ended coding services, which has been received well by the company’s clientele.

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