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MQ Services For Creating Presentations and Reports

  • By admin
  • April 26, 2014

Presentation and Report writing is the final leg of the ‘Market Research’ services provided by Market Quotient (MQ). Both actually are tools to communicate the results found in a research. Communication plays a crucial role in every industry. More so in the Research and Analytics Industry. While report writing includes highlighting objectives, background and findings of the research in a plain book format, presentation designing involves the same things in a more compact format through slide shows. Since presentation is usually an on-the-spot communication, it should be prepared keeping the target audience in mind. Both reports and presentations are supported by statistical data and inferences.

Market Quotient has long attained top-notch expertise in the creation of reports and presentations. It gives professional assistance in building these so as to provide deep insights to a research or project activity carried out by a client. MQ provides these services to a wide variety of industrial clients. This is possible due to its years of experience in the field of market research. MQ provides both manual and automated report/presentation writing services. The presentations can be either made in Power-point or made as per the needs of a client.

In case of Power-point presentations, the MQ team pours in all its creativity and technical knowledge. In order to attain perfection, the technically educated and experienced researchers of MQ work with undivided dedication. In case of customized presentations or reports, the team tries to be in constant touch with the clients so that their needs can be duly fulfilled and their suggestions can be included in the production process. No stone is left unturned in giving the customer optimum satisfaction with the final products delivered.

However, some clients may not be too approving of the constant communication during the process. Keeping such customers in mind, MQ has created “default libraries and standards”. The clients can drop the directions there and MQ can refer them while preparing the reports or presentations. This also helps the clients who have time constraints as it definitely saves time lost in repeated verbal communication.

Market Quotient is widely known for its brilliance in report writing and presentation creating skills. It has built its reputation over years of hard work and has successfully satisfied a wide range clientele with a wide range of preferences. The final product is always easy, interesting and often fun to follow!

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