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Problems Faced by Big Data Analytics

  • By admin
  • December 31, 2013

The Big Data Analytics industry is the most in-demand industry presently. Everywhere you go, you hear this big talk about the big future of the Big Data. But, the industry can be considered to be still in a blossoming stage. With new things, the problems that arise are also rather new. Gerardo A. Dada of Marketing Profs illuminates the following problems as the major ones that plague the Big Data Analytics industry:

1) Reliability of sources of data
The sources from where the data are collected are not always perfectly reliable. Since all the analysis, research and action taken depend on the data, it is very important for the data to be as genuine as possible. But, many sources like the social networking sites have fake profiles that give wrong information, affecting adversely the research study.

2) Drawing correct inferences
To draw the correct inferences, the hypotheses made or the questions asked have to be correct in the first place. Here, “correctness” implies the relevance of the question in the context and purpose of the project. Once the questions are determined, the answers found will also give the accurate solutions.

3) Acting on the inferences
It doesn’t make any sense to stop the use of big data only in theory. They must be implied in practical life. Only if the application gives the desired results, the project shall be a success.

4) Availability of Tools
Many tools have been developed recently that can be made use of in data analytics. However, these tools are not always easy to avail. This poses a big problem in this industry.

5) Ample use of Intuition
What is the use of data, if human intuition doesn’t work hand-in-hand with it? Steve Jobs couldn’t have brought in the revolution to the IT world if he had relied bluntly on the data. It was his intuition in technology and business that did the magic.

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