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Market Quotient Launches Virtual MQ: “A Platform to Promote Remote Work for Skilled Experts

  • By admin
  • March 28, 2023

Market Quotient, a leading management consulting firm was founded in 2012 and has been dedicated to helping global clients achieve their long-term business goals while keeping operational costs under control. With offices in India and the US, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for clients across industries and geographies. Many of Market Quotient’s clients have a vested interest in increasing growth, compliance, efficiencies, satisfaction, and workforce effectiveness, while decreasing costs considerably. As a result, they rely on Market Quotient to help them achieve these objectives. Over the years, they have built a reputation for providing top-notch consultancy services. By offering customized solutions, Market Quotient has helped numerous clients’ lead transformational changes that drive growth and profitability. Market Quotient’s service line is composed of four divisions that are capable of handling end-to-end, cross-functional processes and provide value-added insights from leveraged learning. As a user-oriented business process outsourcing company in India, Market Quotient is committed to providing substantial benefits to clients by delivering complex projects in a timely manner.

Market Quotient, is proud to announce the launch of its latest offeringVirtual MQ. Virtual MQ is an innovative platform that provides on-demand access to skilled experts through its wide pool of exceptional resource benches. The platform sources, vets, connects, and manages the world’s best remote talent in fields such as IT design and development, data science, finance, digital marketing, and more, enabling clients to scale their operations on demand. The company aims to build a community driven talent marketplace that promotes remote work in an extremely flexible engagement model that allows clients to access skilled talent under the “Resource on Subscription” model. This ensures a quick turnaround and guaranteed success for all clients. Virtual MQ may  emerge as the world’s most trusted marketplace to find skilled resources, and Market Quotient is proud to state that it is “Made In India.” The platform focuses on providing access to high-quality talent to international clients highlighting their position as a leader in the global market for skilled labor. The launch of Virtual MQ reflects Market Quotient’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions that help clients achieve their business goals. With its deep expertise in the consulting industry and its focus on delivering exceptional results, Market Quotient is well-positioned to support clients in leveraging the power of remote work and on-demand access to skilled talent.

“We are excited to launch Virtual MQ and bring the benefits of remote work and on-demand access to skilled talent to clients around the world. We believe that this innovative platform will help drive business success for our clients and further solidify our position as a leader in the global consulting space” – said Sharique Nisar, Founder, Market Quotient.