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Social Media Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

  • By admin
  • January 20, 2015

Like every morning, this morning was no exception. You flipped the 25 pages of the newspaper very quickly, yet very thoroughly before coming out of house. But do you remember that first page ad that you saw today? *Beep Beep*!  Okay, now you look into your phone and find Yepme’s discount offer message!  That was one time when you bought a shoe from Yepme last December, and since then they are treating you like a loyal customer.

Even after spending an amount more than a crore for a whole page ad, a marketer cannot reach 60% of his customer. Whereas a continuous message-flow from a company keep the customer interested, aware and attracted towards the ad.

This is the difference we see in customers, the way they response to traditional media and the way they interact with social media. By traditional media we mean books, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, printed advertising such as flyers, brochures, billboards, posters. Social media is found on mobile phones and the internet as blogs and on various social media platforms for example Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We see the “coming soon” posters of PK still on the billboards, when it is already out. The traditional media is fixed and unchangeable once published. Whereas the social media is instantly, easily, and continuously updateable and thus it reaches its target market easily on time. The traditional market does not encourage sharing of published media. Whereas, Social media is the “only” marketing platform that allows you to engage and interact with your consumers – it’s a two-way relationship, which can be hugely lucrative for brands. The traditional marketing strategy often doesn’t lead to target market though it is expensive. You can reach 1,000 people for a fraction of the cost using social media than you can through television, billboards or even email.  Social media marketing often comes for free. The results in social media marketing are measurable, and marketers can take immediate action to spot trends and re-align campaigns. Social media campaigns can be time consuming and the impact can disseminate very quickly, whereas traditional marketing campaigns, certainly in television, can produce short term results that have greater tangibility.

When it is integrated marketing mix,”word of mouth” is considered the oldest yet effective form. 90% of people believe in recommendation from their peers, to do any purchase. Traditional media has been an important element in the marketing mix since the drawn of advertising. It is trusted among consumers and has been proven to be a valuable tool for businesses and organizations. Though word of mouth has a drawback of “rumor”, but Social media platforms are highly active to kill the rumors! The “word of mouth” was supposedly one of the slowest processes. The problem is that consumers are looking for the fastest and most interactive ways to get information about products they are interested in. At the same time businesses are looking to measure exactly what their ROI is on the marketing mediums they use in their overall strategy. Thus the platform of social media works as one of the marketing mix, and has taken it to a different level.

The integrated marketing is done to understand the consumer behavior and their needs and wants. This is one thing every brand tries to get a definite answer of. Only through promotion, we cannot reach the customers. We need to harness appropriate information which might not give you a definite answer, but it will give you a much clearer picture of your customers’ needs and wants than you can get from any other source. By tapping into their interactions, things they talk about, things they say, products they buy, and places they visit, etc., big data can help you to estimate your customers’ demand.

Social media marketing paired with technology is a huge reach to different kind of customer. Whereas traditional marketing has not yet come up with any such kind of advantage. Suppose you are getting married in a month or two, and you are going through different lehenga, sarees over site. Your Facebook update has got an exciting status of you, getting married. Now technology works here as well. It will trace people like you and any event management company or photographer studio using different technology will pop up right on your computer screen to attract your attention.

The last decade of 20th century witnessed remarkable impact on promotion due to rapid strides in technology. It is difficult to determine exactly what the decades in the new century will bring. However what looks certain is that there will be much greater consumer involvement and control and some degree of two- way communication. With the opening of economies, mass marketing will continue to increase their operations on worldwide basis. More and more global players will increasingly adjust their strategies to a local market; country- based or region-based and promotion will increasingly acquire local color.

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