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Does the “Brand name” always do the talking?

  • By admin
  • January 30, 2015

Brand names are beautified with “reputation,” elegance and a run after trend. Whereas, Generic brands are a kind which maybe negotiable, maybe a similar brand name, and of course which runs easy through your pocket. The concept of branding came into origin through the story of cattle. Cattles looked same all along, but a special unique symbol was opted, by burning the animal’s skin, to differentiate it from the other. Branding is a form of art which is researched very deeply. We are unaware how the price of the product gets increased due to the advertisements and difference in the brand name.

Effective stories of brand start with a notion of fundamental human requirement and trust. The key to reach the consumer is to build their “trust”. Trust is a most valuable exposure that a brand can earn. Trust is the entity that brings one above all incessant advertisement clutter and keeps you a step ahead of the competition. Since “necessity” is more in our thought process it becomes important for us to be an “intelligent consumer”. This can be done by checking the feedback session as much as possible. If you feel that your purchase price is what the brand don’t deserve, then think again whether it’s the extra cost that is added unnecessary with the service that you are provided? Yet, there are many people who will take an initiative to pay the extra for it. So before you take out another dollar of your hard earned income, think of these following factors as the deal is done:

  • Serviceable or Long lasting – Is the service lasting long or is it just serviceable? Is it really worth paying twice as much to resume a service that will not be satisfactory? Here, Market Quotient has excelled with innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and processes. Our data driven solution has helped our clients to outperform its competitor by improving business and operational performance.
  • The Price contrast – This is obvious that $5 difference isn’t the same as $50, but is it to your knowledge about how much the alternatives cost? Market Quotient guarantees 35-60% cost containment, amounting to enhanced ROIs. Due to lower cost of labour, we guarantee best pricing and top quality result, keeping it easy on your pocket.
  • Value and Proper Design – Market Quotient has many clients who have vested interest in keeping their operational cost under control and they look to us to help them achieve their long term financial goals by increasing compliance, efficiencies, satisfaction & workforce effectiveness and subsequently decreasing costs considerably.
  • What is Important – Brand knowledge focuses the brand-related experiences gathered by the consumer. Brand familiarity put an impact on consumers’ information processing style and their ultimate brand selection. The clients who are familiar with our name “Market Quotient” has dropped their feedbacks in the client testimonial section, which would express as word of mouth or an extra joy of trust to your heart when you choose us.

Market Quotient, being a brand name, believes in keeping itself updated on the recent developments which are coming up in various industries worldwide. The company professionals enrich their knowledge base keeping their eyes onto the recent developments across industries and markets. We welcome any kind of query management regarding new technologies or products. So, if you have any doubts regarding the new technologies or product and services in any industry or markets, we will be happy to assist you.

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