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Social Media Tips

  • By admin
  • May 14, 2015

Social Media Tips

Now is the time to find the correct media to produce your product. Here is a small tip from the market research firm that talks about the correct media to expose your product.

Internet has become so viral that apart from television and print media, the internet has got the richest reach. Internet is a place where:
• Your website for the product will make you go global.
• A place to know the customer’s demand.
• A place to get compared with your competitor
• A place to get the competitor’s knowhow
• A place to know about the product’s strength and weakness; likes and dislikes.

For instance, applications and social media platforms have become much business oriented. Marketers choose them to:
• Launch their new product.
• Introduce a new product in the product line.
• Keep the potential customers to oneself
• Keep a healthy relationship with customer
• Understand the SWOT analysis.

Market research has become easy yet difficult with various social media platforms. The secondary research is no doubt a troublesome way to judge the information whether it is true or not. The following social media can help in the following way:

Google: As we see Google ranks the company according to the activity done in the website. So the website should be always active.
 Maybe a questionnaire section to show people your presence whenever they need; thus keeping the website active.
 Live calls
 Reviews section, where people can drop their reviews
 Blog section, a blog daily to keep the website active.

Instagram: An app that happen to be found only in smart phones. Here people follow, “love” and comment to the pictures. There is no place for status or note but only for photos. Products that are ideal to promote here are:
 Beauty products: Since Instagram do the pictorial tale, companies can advertise their beauty products there.
 Travel agencies: Pictures attract people and if your approach is high, you can definitely go for an Instagram promotion.

Facebook: Want some agents, or some group publicity, or some recognition over time, then Facebook is a definitely nice place to promote your product. Apart from that, Facebook is the best for launching of a product to the mass. Facebook is good for:
 Service line that is initiated with customers directly, ie, no B2B work.
 To keep the potential customers entertained
 To devote the number of likes towards a product.

LinkedIn: Whereas LinkedIn is completely for B2B promotion. You can promote your product line most effectively to this social media, reaching to numerous CEO-s, CFO-s and other decision makers. Apart from that LinkedIn can connect you to various important people, various groups, so that you can start your intervention.

Zomato: Zomato either enlist you, or you enlist yourself for your food service line. Hotel industries’ intervention happens with Zomato.

Youtube: Who does not like to see a video? Your channel is the only way to keep your customers intact. We share video with our friends and relatives, if it has touched us anyhow.

So you say, “have you seen XYZ‘s new advertisement? You should watch it.”

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