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Deep Research, Deeper Knowledge

  • By admin
  • May 18, 2015

Deep Research, Deeper Knowledge

The data are misused most of the time when it comes to surveying or using other practices of primary research. Though this practice has been followed by the market researchers since decades.

The source of data is undefined.

The samples are made in a bias way mostly! The wordings of the questionnaire are placed in a way in which the data is favoring the findings, thus making their answers contradictory.
Suppose you are running a survey about health care touring. And your questionnaire starts with:
How often consumers go for health check up,
What are the emergent steps that they take for emergency?

And slowly your questions will tend to your objectives of your survey like
Would you like to take an initiative to opt for a new hospital?

And then influencing the person saying,
Would you like to go and visit that hospital, if the hospital has all that facility that you generally go for?
And thus you will find, the customers contradicting the answers in your questionnaires.
So basically the data became undefined and bias.

A better survey through prove can define the data more thus opting to a market research firm.

Believing on this data would not work best for your company.

Pretty often customers are manipulated but the truth is that you cannot ignore data. Re-checking it with other options like secondary data technique, the company can be benefited. Customers say their view when they are given an opportunity to speak. A platform for them to distinguish your pros and cons and survey purpose can give betterment to your company.

Not just “Who is YOUR customer?”

You can just NOT know your customer; you have to know your competitor’s customer as well. This is how you can get introduced to the potential customers and studies the requirement of the society. Various social media platform of the competitor can fetch your desired knowledge.  Apart from that a survey about your competitor’s product can lead you to your essential clues that may be affective in your improvement.

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