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Food Story With Market Research

  • By admin
  • May 20, 2015

Food Story With Market Research

Market Quotient got a chance to find that particular market research that a food firm required. Market Quotient has seen the industry keenly, finding shoppers, in the war of food brands, who continue to shop for healthy foods and beverages. They have become much concerned with food in their own lives. They not only try to meet the needs of the family members, but have also become careful about the ingredients used in food.

Surveys say, a large percentage of shoppers say that they enjoy eating healthy foods but are increasingly reluctant to give up taste and pleasure. Though, shoppers are strikingly less willing to give up taste than convenience for health benefits. Interestingly, until shoppers age and face a potential decline in health, they don’t tend to part with food that tastes good. The level of concern towards food changes with age.

For health conditions that become more prevalent as shoppers get older, namely mental sharpness, eye health, joint problems and arthritis, high cholesterol, and Alzheimer’s, percentages of shoppers who are extremely or very concerned generally increase from youngest to oldest. Cancer, back and neck pain, sleep problems, and immune health, all of which impact shoppers of all ages, do not follow age-specific patterns.

Despite the high incidence of overweight and obesity, shoppers are less concerned about their weight than about other issues.

Nearly 90% of shoppers say freshness is important, very important, or extremely important when shopping for packaged goods such as crackers, cereal, and frozen meals. Older consumers, those with higher educations, and women, differ from their counterparts in the types of information they look at on food packaging.

Countries establish their own food rules, like:

Food brands in Canada plan to eliminate synthetic colors by the end of 2016.The brand planned to use paprika, annatto and turmeric in macaroni and cheese. By the end of 2016, this brand chose to eliminate synthetic colours. Though most Americans recognize the colour as the colour of childhood, but the company think of stripping all synthetic colours and artificial preservatives, to battle with the healthier competitors.

India dismiss Maggi for it has harmful leads in its preservatives process.

Your falling down is the promotion for your competitor. Competitors can often give you a new rise to your company.  So seek for market research every time to find ease.