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Business Research And Healthcare Industry – A Marriage Of Sorts

  • By admin
  • October 26, 2016

Introduction To Healthcare

A lot has been said and published about health, both online as well as in the form of manuscripts and books. In fact, health is so strongly related to happiness and human order that ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Avicenna devoted a large part of their work to these concepts.

With the health market and especially the wellness industry booming at large, there are a plethora of customers who demand better healthcare services. People are paying more attention than ever to fortified foods, vitamins, minerals, and weight management; so much so that this market is set to grow by more than 50% in the next 7 years.

Why Healthcare?

Healthcare industry is not only confined to physical well being but also mental well-being. Today more teens than ever before in the history of mankind have fallen prey to depression, and social isolation. Adults in the age bracket of 25-35 yrs have confessed that they have no meaningful social support to fall back upon apart from their immediate family. In such a scenario, the need for trained doctors and psychologists is rising at a rapid rate.

People are on the lookout for expert medical advice. People are looking for experts to help them with their physical or mental well-being.

Methodical Research Brings Definite Results:

Research by Market Quotient as well as several progressive reports by market research firms have confirmed that a  large number of consumers take to digital media to search for their queries. Thus sentiment analysis could be a good way of gauging the consumer sentiment. It has also emerged that those who have adopted their businesses to analytics and Outsource business research have stayed ahead of the game, while those that have stuck to archaic business models have lagged far behind.

Healthcare centers that have exploited this need of the consumer are performing remarkably, while those that have chosen to ignore research, data and digital modes of communication have not performed up to par.

These firms are worse off, because they lack the essential insight into what their consumers actually want.

Need To Adapt To Dramatic Changes In Market Scenarios:

If healthcare companies think that they can stick to old models and still achieve success in this competitive world, they are wrong. Business research and industry analysis could help bring market survey into the picture, and this would essentially enable companies to investigate current trends in the market and what their customers are interested in.

Think about it this way… You have a lot of product and services at your disposal, but if through business research you come to understand exactly what product was needed by which segment of society and what your customer base is currently interested in, wouldn’t it dynamically increase your chances of success?

Putting it another way, your customers are looking for you like you are looking for them, but if you do not know what they want, you would be unable to give them what THEY want. Then how can you expect your customers to appreciate your products when you’ve failed to keep their needs in mind?

Market Quotient’s Services:

Outsourcing Business Research to Market Quotient will provide you information as well as reduce the complexity of your current task. We can help you with Market Analysis, Treatment Analysis, Competitor Tracking, as well as Sales Support in the form of Lead Generation.

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