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Business Research – Evidence Does Matter

  • By admin
  • October 25, 2016

The Geocentric Model:

Unsubstantiated estimations by ancient civilizations led to the origin of an erroneous conjecture.

The conjecture goes like this: The heavenly bodies, the Sun, the Moon and the stars all revolve around the Earth.

This model, known as The Geocentric Model was popular across several civilizations including that of Aristotle & Ptolemy.

The Ptolemaic System (The Geocentric Model) was well-liked. This was because from the perspective of the earth bound viewer, the Earth appeared to be fixed while the moon and the sun appeared to be in rotation.

The movement of the stars, the heavenly bodies and the moon appeared to be spherical rather than elliptical.

The Heliocentric Model:

It wasn’t until the 16th century that The Heliocentric Model largely attributed to Copernicus emerged.

Copernicus’ model placed the Sun at the center of the solar system and the Earth and other planets in rotation around it.

Kepler was a scientist, who laid down several laws, which are popularly known in Physics as Kepler’s Laws. Kepler established that the path of motion of the heavenly bodies was elliptical rather than spherical. Galileo Galilei further strengthened these observations through the use of the telescope.

Although the notion that the Earth revolves around the Sun had been popularized as long back as 3rd Century BC, nonetheless, Aristarchus, an astronomer and mathematician from ancient Greece (the man who popularized this claim) lacked the evidence to back his claim, therefore, he was unable to establish anything.

Copernicus provided rational scientific conclusions in support of his observations. Kepler established his laws of planetary motion on evidence. And although Aristarchus rightly stated that the Earth revolves around the Sun, still his observations held no water because he could not produce any scientific support for his assertions.

Assumptions Are Inconsequential:

When it comes to Business research outsourcing, the above propositions hold true. It could be possible that your ideal hypothesis is spot on. Maybe you’ve come up with a hunch and as you’ve observed market systems long enough, your hunch could probably be right.

But what if you are wrong?

Market Quotient’s Services:

A systematic research not only enables you to take logical decisions, but it also helps you take stock of the overall performance of your industry (industry analysis), and the strategies and innovations your competitors have adopted (competitor analysis).

It could also provide you with General Consultancy and a Market Analysis in the form of a research report. Information Support Services could help you in assembling rightful data in the quickest interval of time so that the organizations can experience maximum benefit at a time when they need it.

MQ’s services will enable you make a much more informed and judicious decision. Rather than relying on crude techniques you could keep an updated report with you at all times which would not only inform of current business trends but also the past trends and the change in trends which would help you make a more judicious decision regarding future trends and loopholes that may appear toward the end of a product shelf life or in the business cycle.

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