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Know Your Customers Better Through B2B Data Append Techniques

  • By admin
  • April 9, 2017

Understanding Your Customers:

Today, only knowing that your customers buy from you is not enough. In order to know your customers well, you have to get within the very fabric of your customer. You have to see how he sees; hear how he hears, and talk how he talks, but most importantly think how he thinks. The last point is extremely relevant. Let me explain how.

You must have seen in your business processes recurring patterns. The same kind of industry purchase from you, the same kind of individuals (individuals who can be grouped under one category: marketing head, Business head, CEO) approach you, similar market segments at a similar stage have a similar need (For example, if a company is at the start-up stage, the information processed by them is different from the information obtained/used by firms who have been in the market domain for long) and many such examples can be quoted.

In such a scenario, B2B data appending is an extremely powerful tool for profiling the customer DNA. Market Quotient could essentially bring you the customer name, his email, designation, product/service/industry, contact number, social media profiles, etc. These details can help you make more informed decisions.

Benefits of the B2b Data Service:

  • Market domains which were hitherto unknown would now be open to you.
  • Missing information (e-mail) which was important to you would now be made available.
  • Gaps in the data as well as faulty data would be filled and replaced.
  • Cost effectiveness would be enhanced.

How Market Quotient works:

Market Quotient would look up the kind of customer and the kind of database that you have and match it up with its own extremely vast and rich database, and bring to you similar results as well as plugging the holes in the data and providing solution service to make your sales funnel work proper.

How MQ operates B2b data append techniques:

  • Scourging the company by employee size and the volume of sales.
  • Delegating contacts by Job Title.
  • Providing B2B firm their channel of operation (email, phone)
  • Scourging buyers who have accepted multiple offers as they are more likely to be interested in your product/service.
  • Segmenting companies as per their SIC code.

Data Roll-Up:

A big challenge while analysing customer data is the haphazard occurrence of information which not only makes work difficult for us but also compounds customer problems. For such issues, we have data roll-ups which will arrange and sort the data as per customer needs.

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