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What is Better for Your Business- Demand Generation or Lead Generation

  • By admin
  • April 26, 2022

Demand generation and lead generation, sound the same but businesses must know the basic difference between them.

Demand generation means creating an awareness of your business and letting people know what products or services you are offering to them. There are different kinds of strategies in which few of them are covered in this blog.

Lead generation means identifying the contacts and converting them into paying customers. It is to identify the market problems which many marketers are facing and help them to get the fruitful solution to demand.

So, what is the difference?

Demand generation is more dependent on the engagement with customers using various social media channels whereas B2B lead generation builds and interest amongst the customer then increases their awareness between them.

Lead generation campaign is the fastest process where you can get a lot of leads just by paying on the analytics tools. Sometimes, lead campaign can provide you with lots of leads but this will not enhance your business branding.

Demand Generation strategies that drive your business

1. Hosting Webinar

The webinar is an online platform to gather as many customers as you want to target for your product or service. Webinar is the best platform to grasp the perfect customer for the business. For example, if 200 customers are attending a product webinar then you can assume that there will be 5% to 10% of the customer taking interest in your business. You can simply multiply the number of webinars organized in a month and then by a year.

2. Collaborating with Influencers

It is the best way to create demand and improvise your business by partnering with more and more influencers to promote your brand, service or product. Influencers have become a focal point in terms of business marketing. Nowadays, consumers are very much active on video media platforms and so is the reason why these partnership with influencers are becoming successful day by day.

3. Hosting Events

Hosting an event is also a good platform where you can gather lots of audiences and spread the common message and awareness among them. Hosting events will provide you with an to have open and face to face interaction with the customers and know exactly what they are looking for.

4. Content Marketing

Content is very important nowadays as it helps to drive the organic real traffic to your website. Content helps to engage visitors in blog, posts, newsletters and video content. It is the first interaction point with the viewer and customer who are likely interested go for the services. The content should be crisp, short and should easily deliver to the people.

5. Social Media Marketing

If you want to interact with potential customers directly then a social media platform is the best and the right solution. This is best for those who do not want any 3rd party to indulge in their business. It is the most common platform that every business have in today’s scenario. The platform gives an option to post graphics, creatives, images, videos, reels, etc. to get engagement with the audience.

Lead Generation strategies that drive your business

1.  Cold Emailing

Cold emails generally include campaigns to improve the lead generation process. This will help to reach out to the potential customers. You can target the specific region and area of customers to check whether they are looking for services or not. Any business can opt this strategy.

2. Direct Email

Direct email is sometimes good for those customers who are thinking about going to your business. You can easily engage with them using your materials. It also includes such customers who have taken the services with you in the past but at present aren’t in contact with them. Using direct email, you can send a reminder and let them know to take updated services.

3. Cold Calling

You can connect by communicating via call. Getting the contact details directly will help you to deliver the direct message instead of sending the mail or bulk emails. It is necessary to follow up with them and try to engage them so that they shouldn’t forget.

4. Reviews/Surveys

Reviews or surveys are a platform where you can take the suggestions from the customer side whether they are satisfied with the products or services or not. If yes, how much they are satisfied, if not then what they are looking for. Getting the organic and real reviews will help your business to move one step forward. Not only this it will also help other new visitor to visit once.


Hence it is essential to know about demand generation or lead generation. It is very crucial for every business prospect. Once you are clear, it will help you to get more great achievements. Check out what stage of business you are handling and what type of customer you want and that will determine which method is best suited of your business.

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