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Lead Generation – Marketable Efforts – Baby Steps

  • By admin
  • August 19, 2016


Very definitive details to those who are concerned about the marketing efforts at their company are the baby steps that they must take.

Oftentimes it is found that companies make a lot of improvisations or none at all. And when the dice rolls too often toward a dead lead a kind of stagnancy sets in. People come in, day in and day out and do the same old job like a rote machine with no result whatsoever.

In situations where you feel that you have hit a dead stop and your creativity is at wit’s end you should opt for smart innovation techniques taking one baby step at a time.

If your calling campaign is not working out the way you wished it to, leave the calling aside. Find some other ways of reaching your targeted audience.

There are so many techniques. However in this short post, we will deal with just a few in brief detail

Be specific about the Product you sell –

If you as a business owner have a clear cut idea upon what service you wish to base your company, it could go a long way in picking out targeted customers.

This applies to the marketing team as well. They should have a definitive idea about what they are selling. Too many services may just muddle up the entire business scheme and it could result in missing out on several business opportunities.

However, capitalizing on a niche service with several other offhand services that your company can cater to wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, care should be taken, that the revenue earning service gets the maximum attention.

Content Marketing –

A strong content base can work wonders like nothing else can. If you can show your customers what your company stands for and give them real solutions for improvement through your content base, then the customers would trust you more and be more willing to invest in your product compared to a situation where no solution was offered to them.

Your service should fulfill a customer ‘Need’ –

The foremost thing to consider for any individual involved in sales efforts is, ‘How is your product helping your client to eliminate a need and improve his chances at success?’

Sales campaigns should be so specific and targeted such that your service meets the immediate need and solves the issue of your clientele base. For if this situation is not accounted for, you would be left with a bunch of fancy leads that lead to nowhere (pun intended).

After all, why should a client avail your services when he has absolutely no need for it?

Build A Survey-

A friend of mine came up with an absolutely amazing solution for matching services with customers.

Every time someone visited his company’s page, a drop down menu displayed a question, “Is your company associated with data?”

This may seem overly simplistic, but no one who is not in need of data would avail services related to data.

This would help you filter out your customer base as well as the kind of people who visit your website. This would give you a better idea of why people visit your company page.

Target customers whose need matches your services:

Think of it this way. There are a number of people visiting your webpage every day. But only a few of them are relevant.

There are several apps that keep track of who has been visiting your webpage, how many times they have visited and so on. This would help you profile your customers. If the individual visits your webpage multiple times, this could be an indication that he is interested in your product/service and maybe looking to buy soon.

Collect the data:

Then, with a steady flow of individuals who show interest in your product, you can start doing some customer profiling like collecting the individual’s social media addresses, company name, designation and the like.

Finally, gauge your success, find room for improvement and implement new ideas as you see fit.

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