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  • By admin
  • October 5, 2015

Brands are intrinsically a trust that consumers rely on although we see this lesser in cases of banks. In case of brands like American Express or Visa or MasterCard, consumers alleviate their risk factor, as they own the end-to-end process.

We have done a study where we have listed up the brand names and along with it we have listed the trust factor of the consumers. The largest, most well known brands have as well soiled the consumer’s trusts. So how do you leverage trust with brands?


But consumers have taken a step ahead. They found that almost two third consumers have taken specific action to keep their data safe. These days the action of spilling data or Data breaches is looked into by consumers with more efficiency. We notice a change in consumer’s everyday activities; from a lesser use of credit/debit card or making online purchases to changing password. The following shows the action that consumers have taken.


Which organizations do consumers now trust with data? The data break involves an identity involving financial and personal information. Doesn’t data breach bring a decline to the brand name? Any customer serving sector, deals with the consumers’ trust. A triumph is keeping the customers satisfied, keeping their data in safe hand.

Market Quotient took up many research works that has dealt with consumer’s details or the personal information as outsourced by companies/ industries. The trust factor that we have built while processing our work to the client is highly appreciable by any.

The financial data processing or bank’s data warehousing or the telecom projects that has been done by us— has given us a wider contacts, wider details to feature it for data sale. But Market Quotient has always profound itself from being the most trust worthy research hub.

Apart from the trust factor, we outsource our exclusive work done by professionals. Get to know more about us, ask for our sample mail us at