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INDUSTRY THAT REQUIRES US: Digital Advertisement!

  • By admin
  • September 28, 2015

As we see, the digital video advertisement is promulgating the online advertising industry; it has begun to reshape the digital ad market. With this we find, fraudulent bot traffic. This is when arrived the new viewability technology with the advertisement model known as “viewable impressions”.

Market Quotient have showed it’s prompt research work (which includes the technology, the growth, the trend, the challenges) which can always be a better step for any advertising company.

How does this work?

Advertisers are charged with the ad that appears on the user’s screen for a minimum duration, using the viewability impressions.

🙂 It is the industry standard that 50% of pixels have to appear on screen for a minimum time of one second.

🙂 And for video, 50% of pixels have to be there for a minimum of two seconds.

This would keep the bot away and give fraudulent free viewable impressions. A genuine user would definitely get detected in this regards from that of a false one.

But there are many more words that might spice up here. There are many time when this video ads don’t go viewed.

What are the reasons for it?

The  main technical reasons for this are:

Either the technology purporting track viewability don’t serve the purpose of different video player types. Or, a video ad is loading in an iFrame. More than 55% of impressions go unmeasured from iFrames, blocking the domain-level visibility, masking the ads.

The other reasons why videos go unseen have been rated accordingly:

Window Inactive 91.6%
Video Out oFFRAME 21.7%
Muted 10.7%

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