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Make The Logistics Management Smart, or, Let Us Do The Favor!

  • By admin
  • September 25, 2015

The flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption needs a managerial deal, which we term Logistics! From customers to corporations, everyone has the requirement of logistics management. It might be to manage any physical items like materials, equipment, animals, food, or liquid or maybe abstract items like information, and energy. The logistics rolls around with packaging, transportation, production, material handling, inventory, warehousing, transport of course, and often security.

What can Market Quotient do for you?

This logistics management is a complicated thing unless it is nicely visualized, analysed, modeled, optimized to give a spark to the management. We are efficient in the quantitative analytic. The “Quantitative Methods” will provide you innovative quantitative applications with different models and solving the problems that a client face every time. We can give our eyes on few special things like: real world logistics and supply chain management, the frieghts, which is considered to be one of the trouble! We can provide you the performance measurement in logistics, ware housing, marketing, manufacturing, procurement, finance. Added to that, Market Quotient have always made the clients absolutely satisfied in building the decision making models.

What else can we do?

We can let you know about:

🙂 The drivers as well as the suppliers, with their contact details. This is a wide database that we can provide to you.

🙂 We can identify the situation that clients are ready to spend in.

🙂 We can do a segmentation of the audience according to the needs, and the capability of paying.

Traditional market research methodologies in operations management can be classified into several categories, such as theoretical modeling, event studies, cases, computation and simulations, behavioral experiments and surveys. We have critically studied the logistics and supply chain management problems and as we do our projects, we combine the multiple research works to give a weight to our report. Market Quotient believes that the cooperative games and behavioral operations will grow with the change in market of logistics.

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