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Mobile Apps Need Market Research

  • By admin
  • September 19, 2015

The success story of app business has shown a promising rise in the coming years. It has a steeping rise in its graph. The turning point has showed an impressive stab of USD 12 billion in the year 2012, where more than 45 billion apps were downloaded by the customers. This is not just a growth but the number shows a splurge there reaching more than 80 billion at the end of 2012.

In Europe and North America, we have seen a mature market. People downloading number of apps is a level off. The rapid growth of smart phone and tablets is also giving a rise to the number of apps. Apps have no limitation to their creative side. Collaboration of various software to build various apps, have become a necessity. People are building their necessity through various apps.

There are an impossible number of apps built by people in various fields to keep themselves connected, to save their time, to favour the society, to entertain, to keep a network live. Market Quotient has studied the app world, and has always been a friendly research hub for any kind of research you look for.

Is your app noticeable? But did you know that ads on smartphone have influenced a a lot on people to download them.

This is where your app stands out whenever the smartphone user is trying to discover apps of their relevance.

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