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Tale of Landscape Architecture

  • By admin
  • June 11, 2015

Landscape architecture! An established industry which offers services comprising of designing and planning in the development of land areas. Market Quotient got a chance to explore this certain section of the huge industry through various projects offered. From garden, lawn, trees, ornamental shrub & services to hard scraping services, landscape architecture has put a value- added effort to get recognized.

Their planning and designing in the development of land areas for projects varies from parks to schools to airport to highways to industrial places, residential areas, airports, commercial; precisely, implying the proper plan and design to landing understanding the characteristics of land, and the area of land. Though this industry is a small business market place but still it has a high demand in the society. They are mostly made of sole proprietorships, including varieties of small group including the real estate developers, municipalities, private citizens, and private businesses.

The competitive market has a lot of new things to flaunt and attract clients. Few of the following attractions distinguish them from other:

  • **Growing global has become a new trend, and landscape architects show their capabilities incorporating the natural      environment into urban planning.
  • **Beautification with water resource by improving water use efficiency as well as the drainage,
  • **Using plants in maximum number to enhance the environments.
  • **New and improved materials and chemicals in construction are used.

Landscape architects have no restricted venture in beautification. It has beyond imagination opportunities to wider their reach in the industry. Few of them are as follows:

  • ** Building playgrounds and outdoor play equipments: Various kinds of outdoor playing equipments in educational institutes,    commercial parks have beautified the environment. Safe and attractive outdoor plays have made a mark and have                 distinguished architects from one another.
  • ** Landscape architects bridge the physical environment with the human culture Corporate sectors and commercial places          are distinguished with variant design to enrich the culture. Thus distinguishing from one another.

Market Quotient keeps rolling from various industries analysing them, leaving a significant message to them:

Cars remain a reason for multitude of problems at many levels of society. They cause massive damage to the planet and human beings. As an architect, they need to realize this, and that the only real solution to problems is to design dense, walk able environments where cars are not necessary for everyone.

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