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Market Performance and Analytics by MARKET QUOTIENT

  • By admin
  • June 4, 2015

We are BFSI, Education, Engineering, FMCG, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, IT, Media & Publishing, Retail, Telecom focused Market research firm with sweet spot into Medical Affairs, Publications, Compliance, Legal, Statistical Operations, Finance, Planning, Global, EBM.

Market Quotient ensures projects that are managed individually to suit the needs of the unique initiatives, monitor timelines, oversee budgets and certifies if SOP guidelines are adhered to. Market Quotient manages the assigned project(s) which require reviews on a monthly and quarterly basis, forecasting, gating, reconciliation and development of budgets for new initiatives.

The design and development for surveys and data processing and report making is done with respect to the client specifications. Thus, mention must be made of the technologies we use to achieve cutting edge solutions. These are mainly WinCross, Excel, Quantum, Access, Quanvert, MS-SQL, Dimension, SPSS and SAS. We have the confidence of decoding and executing the most critical projects in survey research with high rate of precision so that our clients always remain satisfied with our services.

Market Quotient delivers the following features:

• CATI based programming
• Net based surveys
• Generation of online reports
• Rending quality assurance
• Providing rating instruments for online audios and videos
• Providing shopping carts for consumer convenience
• Reporting daily activities of consumers

• Capacity to deliver multitude of projects with the help of our highly efficient data research and analytics team
• Ability to carry out multivariate estimation
• Transformation of data using statistical software/tools
• Development of statistical reports
• Carrying out brand coding and open-ended coding, both manually as well as with the help of Ascribe
• Provision of translation services for a range of European and Asian languages.

We also deliver the following:

• Pricing Research and analysis.
• Benchmarking studies
• Buyer/target lists
• Company Analysis and profiling
• Competitor analysis
• Need/gap analysis

• Risk analytics
• Marketing analytics
• Retail analytics.

Why Market Quotient?

Market Quotient helps to achieve long term financial goals by:

• increasing compliance,
• efficiencies,
• satisfaction & workforce effectiveness and
• Subsequently decreasing costs considerably.

Our service line is composed of four divisions which are capable of handling end to end, cross functional processes and provide value added insights from leveraged learning. Thus, we are capable of providing substantial benefits to our clients by delivering complex projects in a timely manner.