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Leveraging Mobile For Shopper Insight

  • By admin
  • June 1, 2015

Leveraging Mobile For Shopper Insight

We see a huge difference in shopper’s research with the change in technology. With new technology and data analysis, researchers have a detailed knowledge about consumers individually. Thus consumer behaviour is learnt in a better way by the marketers.

Communication and information technology are exploding with the arrival of younger consumers in the market place. Most of us are highly addictive to internet. If said clearly, most of the population has a hope for an access to internet. To drive faster insights about customers, researchers use online and mobile technologies as consumers are a frequent user to that.
The younger generation are more inclined to the internet but the older generation is no less. So, online shopping, an inappropriate method, a bluff, a demographic fuss etc are taken away by most. They trust, they wait for the home delivery, they return, they purchase.

Most online brands are sharpening their approach in apps form, focusing on mobiles. Since people tend to stay in office and not in home much, the use of smart phones have increased widely. Thus internet has become much more convenient to the world.
The internet and mobile have featured customers’ shopping experience in and out. The traditional way of shopping has changed with the introduction of smart phones.

Pre shopping is the update that the shoppers come across, maybe of sale, or promotion, or some attraction. And no sooner can a smart phone turn a window shopper to a loyal customer.

While shopping, you wander around from one site to the other making a decision of purchasing the cloth with the minimal price. Thus smart phones determine the shopper insight.

A post shopping feedback or a brief feedback from other users, using various apps, has made the shopper a smarter shopper. The discussion, argument gears up the product usage of the research objectives. This determines the shopper’s insight.

And this chain keeps on influencing people to the brand giving an opportunity to the market researchers to turn the raw data to proper information. Though the in-store shopping has not come to an end, and shoppers like to choose that before a one-to-one session over his/ her smart phone.

Anyway there is a continuous engagement of big data or any other technology behind the shopper. Market Quotient, being a good market research firm has continued its efficiency all time. And thus the market research work begins with the survey on consumer detailing, like where they live, how they spend, on which they spend the more, etc.