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5 Skills That Are Mostly in Demand for a VA: Especially in the New Normal

  • By admin
  • October 7, 2021

It takes a long time to become a completely trained and skilled virtual assistant. Even people who have completed higher education do not automatically acquire the abilities required for various Digital Assistant duties and skills. And post-pandemic, the new normal situation has made few skills mandatory for official purposes, especially for the team of Remote executive assistant to be in demand.

But the good news is that as long as you have the will to become a better Virtual Assistant in the new normal world, you can learn the required skills and acquire the necessary information. Let’s look at some of the abilities that are required to do various virtual assistant duties.

5 skills that every VA must-have for a successful business process, include:

Skills in Oral Communication & Writing:

In a virtual assistant culture, emails are commonly used form of communication. Sending reports, giving presentations are examples of virtual assistant activities that need these abilities. Whether working for a Digital Assistant firm or running your own virtual assistant business, you must be able to communicate effectively with your clients both verbally and in writing. If you believe your writing abilities are slow, enrolling in an online course might be a fantastic way to progressively improve.

Skills in Word Processing:

Data and word processing is a basic virtual service activity that virtual assistants nearly always do and is rarely overlooked. This skill involves data entry and typing, therefore it’s important to remember that it’s not just about writing and typing 80-100 words per minute, but also about making sure the job is accurate.

Meeting Technology:

VAs learn a variety of meeting platforms, not just one. When working with clients or vendors, it’s possible that they won’t utilize the software that your organization has chosen as a standard. That includes understanding how to silence your microphone on Webex, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and the hundreds of other platforms that will undoubtedly develop in the months and years ahead. You must also be aware of the new meeting etiquette standards, in addition to the technology. The Remote executive assistant will need to know how to manage a smooth meeting and ensure that everyone is heard.

Quick Decision-Making & Quick-Thinking:

The capacity to think quickly and make the best judgments is critical, especially when the client leaves a Virtual Assistant assignment and will not be around to answer questions or provide clarifications. A virtual assistant must sometimes have the intuition to know what could be a good intervention for whatever situation arises, as well as the capacity to absorb information rapidly and act on it.

Computer Skills:

All virtual service activities need the use of a computer, thus good computer skills are required. This should involve spreadsheet literacy as well. Virtual assistant jobs need the use of programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Furthermore, understanding the internet is critical. If the customer wants maintenance and assistance for his business website or database system, advanced internet abilities may be required.

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