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B2B or B2C, who a better brother of Market Research?

  • By admin
  • April 28, 2015

The industry is spreading wide with various B2B and B2C companies. The B2B and B2C service line is like the 2 side of the coin. Each side of the coin has different needs and requirements framing themselves in different skill set. There is one industrial company for every 10 consumer companies while the vice versa is not the same. With a huge count of B2B service, there establishes a single consumer product.

Generally, we see a company buying machinery to build its factory, generate energy to power the production line, buy raw ingredients, produce the product, package the product, logistics to deliver the retailer, accountant’s check, etc- list up to several B2B industries to deliver one consumer oriented industry. Market research can take an active role for every particular step the B2B service line follows here.

Market Quotient, being a service line knows the requirement of B2B services on daily chore. A consumer oriented industry or any B2C industries have a bigger name, bigger investment and bigger revenue as well. Market research is the place where they should spend to get the more, since B2B companies can bridge the gap between the buyer and the supplier through the mechanism of research. But that is a rare scenario.

Among UK’s publicly traded companies, B2B companies are the largest and the most required for market research. For B2C service line, consumer oriented behaviour is looked upon by the marketers only when they reach the decline stage. This is because the importance of market research is never understood and an in-house work force is basically they believe in. The belief of social media haunt and big data haunt- makes B2C an extravagant in industry.  So B2C has almost forgotten the market research requirement whereas B2B still require the efficient market research.

In Market Quotient house, the complex market research and analytical services are done with expertise knowledge in various techniques and procedure. Various models and technologies are worked upon to serve the client.

Brotherhood can be shared in every step of a PLC. Market research do favour more than curse to companies.
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