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B2B Customer Profiling – Market Quotient – Best Rates in India

  • By admin
  • June 11, 2017

What Is Customer Profiling?

Many companies struggle with core marketing and operations strategies simply because they have not got their ideal customer profile in order. Even start-ups that have millions in funding are somewhat unclear about how they should proceed. Marketing strategies involving b2b customer profiling involves nothing but getting your sales funnel in order so that your whole attention is on providing the best possible service and it is not distracted by sales leads or perhaps the lack of it.

How can a B2B organization provide value to your firm?

First of all there is the monetary transaction, i.e. you work for them, they pay you and there is an inflow of cash and an outflow of services.

But there are several other benefits as well:

  • They might provide your reference to other firms
  • They might provide you with the resources you need to grow.
  • They could provide you valuable insights into current trends and growth.
  • They could let you use their logo in your marketing campaigns.
  • They might become regular customers and a constant source of support and positive feedback.

How can you build the above mentioned rapport with a B2B organization?

By providing them with value.

Which leads us to another question of how can you provide value to these firms or what these firms hope to get by using your product/service?

  • Monetary benefits; you help them expand their money value.
  • Reduction in costs; you help them cut costs.
  • You help them accomplish their twin desires of productivity and success.
  • You help them get rid of the pain points in their organisation, etc.

Right and Right Go Hand In Hand

In order for you to build such a rapport with your business partners, you need to find the right kinds of customers, the right organization, the right designation and a plethora of other situations that inherently goes right. As a matter of fact, the bottom-line remains that you would need to alleviate a situation that is in direct relation with the company’s finances. For if they don’t require your services, no matter how good your services might be, you would have in effect earned zero revenue.

It is for this very reason that b2b customer profiling assumes such tantamount importance. A good service is not the only thing. It should be able to relieve pressure points as well. The best service occurs when you provide to the organization with what’s most important for them. This can only be known through detailed customer profiling.

Our Services:

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