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Increase Your Selling Potential by Investing In B2B Demand Generation

  • By admin
  • June 11, 2017


If your boss one day asks for a new demand strategy, i.e. you have been tasked with the responsibility of creating demand for the goods/services your company specialises in, chances are, that your current b2b demand generation strategies aren’t working well. What would you do in such a situation? Would you propose to draft a new campaign or make your team work extra hours or else chase your old clients once more?

In this article we will try to cover all the above mentioned questions and some more.

Demand Generation:

You as a company have to produce results. You as a representative of the company have to show results too. Fact of the matter is results are not a lot but they do count a lot. They show how effective your processes have been and whether there is need to put up a new process in place.

Incidentally, you also have to make things easier for the recent graduates coming into your profile as Business Development Executives to pursue a selling career. So, what can you do to facilitate these boys? You need to have a process in place. And a legible list which they can work upon.

This lies at the very heart of demand generation: An effective process that is the core of all marketing strategies and the base of any business.

Outsource Demand Generation:

Understanding the essence of b2b demand generation is easy. Working upon it is difficult. It is not a set of processes that is implemented in a day; it comprises a set of processes upon which you have to work day-to-day.

There are several websites that a company prefers when it comes to generating demand but none have achieved as much acclaim as LinkedIn. The paid premium feature of LinkedIn allows you to work with numerous features and the data collected is also immensely good. All profiles are usually authentic and it covers a majority of the labour force in US. Almost every working professional associated with a good organisation/start-up (barring a few) are on LinkedIn.

Many people rely upon SalesForce for obtaining demand. Still others have their own personal favourite websites where they get their lead lists from, while some rely on word of mouth and references.

However, the reason that outsourced b2b demand generation list trumps them all is the fact that not much cost is associated with it, a nominal fee with a onetime payment securing you complete ownership of the received information. Furthermore, the work is done as per your instructions and the leads are really good, as good as some of the expensive online websites that ask for subscription, only cheaper.

Advantages Associated With Such a List Are Many:

  • Complete ownership.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Relationship building.
  • A new impetus for further growth.
  • A killer deal for start-ups.
  • Beneficial when exploring new avenues and markets.

Getting That Extra Sale

With the advanced b2b demand generation module, Market Quotient wishes to assist firms in their marketing campaigns. The work submitted to the clients would support them in their marketing efforts and would not be the sole marketing activity that they have to rely on. What this means is that a B2B firm may continue creating demand as it did prior to our assistance and our service are designed to assist them in such campaigns.

If you can slip in an extra sale or two each month how good would that be for you company and how good would that look on your resume as an employee?

To discover how our virtual business solutions can enhance your business, reach out to us at or dial +1 201.285.2024. Take advantage of our 10-hour no-commitment FREE trial!