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5 Characteristic Features of a ‘B2B Agency’ That You Should Be On the Lookout For

  • By admin
  • August 17, 2017


Bonny wanted Clyde. The only problem was Bonny knew no one named Clyde nor was in touch with any man at that time. Bonny decided to go on e-Harmony to search for the perfect ‘Clyde’. I wish searching for partners would have been that easy but sadly it is not. You cannot get good b2b email marketing database or a b2b agency by matching a set of questions or swiping left and right.

So let’s leave quizzes for lovers and explore the 5 qualities that you should generally be looking out for.

Services Offered By a B2b Agency Should Align With Your Goals:

The service that a client offers is also responsible for the kind of product or service coming out of your firms, or the amount of money you make at the end of the day, or at least responsible for the predictions you make regarding market conditions. As such it is very necessary that the partner you choose should satisfy the long term goals of your firm and not only short term objectives.

Execution & Strategy in Proportionate Measure:

Just like pairs of things that go together, such as brownie and ice-cream, pencil and rubber, strategy & execution complement each other. Strategy without execution is irrelevant and execution without strategy futile.

An Updated Website & Content Section:

The website of a firm speaks volumes about the work that they are currently doing. You may ask, ‘How does the layout matter?’ It does. It means the firm is constantly updating itself and gearing itself for the next big break. Think about it this way: Would you rather give work to a firm which constantly updates its website and social media pages or to a firm whose last website update was October 2011?

Look For A Guide, A Mentor:

Look for a b2b agency firm that not only fulfils and meets your current objectives and demands but may provide valuable feedback and strategies for improvement. Relationship building goes a long way in the success of any firm whether it is in the form of clients, customers, or partners, this feature as such assumes tantamount importance and is the most important characteristic that you should be on the lookout for.

Look For A Storyteller:

An individual with proven expertise and possessing industry knowledge is always useful when compiling the project in the form of a narrative or a compelling story. These individuals put into perspective everything from competitor advantage and disadvantage to target buyers and value propositions. And although possessing in-depth knowledge may not be required at all times, however it always pays to have individuals on board who make the job easier for everyone.