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Market Segmentation Based On Past Purchase

  • By admin
  • August 30, 2017

Division in the Marketplace:

Segmentation is an essential way of dividing the market. It is an efficient technique too. Data reports show that segmented mails have a 50% greater efficiency rate than non-segmented email campaigns. Having said that, it must also be understood that b2b market segmentation isn’t that simple, it needs to be discussed in great detail before a proper marketing strategy is implemented. In this post, we will focus on customer purchase and responsiveness to e-mails.

The One-Time Purchaser:

Business reports and data validation techniques are in huge demand and as such there is a lot of competition in the market for the supply. Not all buyers are the same. There are buyers who may require a business report to suggest the viability of their new start-up, and they may follow-up their order with new orders. However, such purchasers are usually one-time purchasers mainly due to the budget constraint of a start-up.

The targeted emails to such individuals should be as follows:

  • Offering discounts and incentives to these customers who are especially sensitive to prices.
  • Fortnightly or monthly remainders for repurchase or renewal.
  • Highlighting the positives that an engagement with you can have on their firm, i.e. increased efficiency, collaboration benefits, ‘cleaner’ data-sets, etc.

The Regular Purchasers:

On the other side of the spectrum are regular buyers who have either become patrons of your service or have enough funding to give them a financial edge on using your services. These are companies that are not under a budget constraint or like your service so much so that they refuse to forego the relationship that has been formed. They do not buy from other sellers in the market.

The targeted emails to regular patrons should be as follows:

  • Offering upgrades on existing plans and services.
  • Offering new features or upgrade on existing features and services.
  • Offering free services, replacement of faulty data at no extra cost, and a whole host of other services that are usually not available to other buyers.

There are several companies that have leveraged the same tactic mentioned above and achieved great results. These firms have even reported an increase in the response and selling rate.

Our Offerings:

There might have been a few companies who may have not responded to your mailers. In fact they haven’t deemed it important enough to even check your mails, a dry second and third follow-ups might be done on these firms but no more. It is not logical to send the same kind of mail to these firms and to your regular patrons. In this aspect, b2b market segmentation makes much sense.

Get in touch with Market Quotient today in order to know how we can help you validate the above mentioned technique. We have in fact a whole host of techniques such as company profiling, data validation, etc that will help you get your sales funnel in order.