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Beer Adjusted In Ontario Grocery

  • By admin
  • April 20, 2015

Beer Adjusted In Ontario Grocery

LCBO can give a hard competition to the wine sellers, since they have a huge rate of loyal customers. What’s LCBO? It is Liquor Control Board of Ontario, a government owned store named for wine. But the government-run LCBO is not allowed to sell these. The deal with the provincial government, leads to The Beer Store’s monopoly market on sale of beer.

Ontario had a monopoly market, letting The Beer Store to sell beer in the province. But the door is now open for Ontario Craft Brewer. OCB (Ontario Craft Brewer) is been allowed to sell / retail their own beer, and are allowed to sell from other brewers both domestic and international.

So here is the chance for your brand to get into Ontario!

Well, in return OCB has to pay The Beer Store owners a fee-to sell their beer with them. OCB started being as an association of small brewers who worked collectively to promote local breweries in Ontario. Later it started selling its own branded product in LCBO stores. Ontario has the most unusual retailing system of selling alcohol in this world.

According to survey, Forum Research approved that:

  • “31% of Ontario adults, who purchase beer to drink at home, plan their ale at grocery stores.
  • As The Beer Store retail outlets run a break-even operation, the operation is described as a not-for-profit.
  • Surveys say that 20% will still be dependent on The Beer Store and 18% will fetch beer from the LCBO. Whereas, the 29% said that they will divide their buy among any of the grocery stores, LCBO and The Beer Store.
  • Either way, Ontario residents seem happy with the Ontario government’s plan to let supermarkets sell booze. Almost 64% of Ontarian polled that they are happy with the Ontario government plan letting the supermarket sell alcohol.

As an inference, we can say that the beer might do better in Ontario market, because there is a deficiency of “Leading Labels” in beer to that of wine.

That there is a new market for the alcohol seller in the Ontario market is no doubt. But it remains unclear about how many grocers will be allowed to sell beer and wine, how many would receive licence, even if they receive, how the licence will be doled out. As the new market grows, new rules grow.

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