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Brand Research is a Must

  • By admin
  • November 12, 2013

Brand Research refers to the field of research that studies the responses of customers to the various product or service brands and their repercussions on the market. It involves both the quantitative and qualitative techniques of research. Basically, “research that is carried out to assist with the creation, development and ongoing management of brands is called Brand Research.”

Brand Research companies mainly carry out the strategy formulation process initially. However, in later part of the process, they help in the development of a brand by
• suggesting the most desired attributes of a product
• naming the brand
• packaging the product in ways that optimize the sales
• promoting and advertising the brand through various channels
• monitoring the performance of the brand

These companies also specialize in studying issues like
• brand identity
• brand loyalty
• brand management
• brand awareness research

Some leading companies in the Brand Research Industry are Civicom, SSI, Precision Opinion, Market Probe, Maritz Research, Gongos, Kinesis, Decipher and many more. To know the exact cause behind the failure or success of a brand, ‘Brand Research’ is what companies need to incorporate.

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