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New Outsourced Lead Generation versus Customer Retention

  • By admin
  • July 14, 2016

The Basic Premise:


There is often the age old question of customer retention and new lead generation.

Companies often face a dilemma as to which of the policies should be implemented in the firm. Should they invest in new leads and prospects? Or should they try to retain the existing batch of customers through cross-selling, etc, so that the current clientele base does not move on to a competitor firm?


There is no definite answer for such a question. It all depends upon your opportunity cost. The opportunity cost associated with new client acquisition vs. increased profit share by holding onto existing customers.

In the software industry as well as the B2B markets, customer retention is a much more lucrative option. Keeping that in mind, what could you do to always keep your sales pipe up and brimming?

According to Business research outsourcing, you could outsource lead generation services. With your sales team doing the best that they can, you cannot ignore the fact that their sales pipe needs to be kept full, for them to bring maximum to the table.

Considering the fact that a rational consumer faces time and budget constraints, here are some of the reasons outsourcing lead generation services could help to make your business better.

You get the numbers right:

Even without increasing the number of potential individuals on your sales team, you still manage to get the desired number of sales leads. This could be considered ideal from your market perspective.

A Better Lead Conversion:

A larger number of potential leads aren’t the only benefit that Business research outsourcing provides you with. Outsourcing leads could help you have a better chance at lead conversion.

The reasons for this are ample, nonetheless, I’ll highlight a few:

  • Negotiating terms with your outsourcing partner could help you decide terms on which both of you agree.
  • You could together decide on specific qualifying leads so that you only work with your ideal prospects.
  • Ideal prospects make for a more targeted market which could improve your overall potential for sales conversion.

You Instantly Acquire Years Of Experience:

If you have a veteran sales team on board, you may not face much of a problem. However, if you have individuals on your team who are not much experienced on the sales front, then you would have to gauge each member of the sales team to access their strengths and weaknesses.

However with a Business research outsourcing team in place, you need not bother about such queries as they are seasoned individuals. They have a plethora of legitimate experiences which could turn the tide in favor of your business.


Navigation in the world of business means that you always have to be at the top of the game when it comes to lead acquisition. For free sample lists from Market Quotient, reach out to us at in order to sharpen your lead generation and client hunting process today.